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News Xfactory Support Servo X6/B4/X60/T4

Publié : 19 déc. 2009 11:32
par Reporter RC4EVER

Pourquoi ? parce que tout le monde utilisait celui d'asso ! enfin la plupart du temps...Pourquoi le noir ? Et bien parce que là femme de Chazz pense qu'un vrai mâle s'habille en noir pour un mariage, du coup c'est noir .............. :hehe:

Allez, la ref #1241 dispo chez dès lundi !

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X Factory has released new black anodized servo mounts to fit the X – 6 Squared and X – 60 as well as the B4 and T4.  The high quality you expect from X Factory, these mounts look sharp and keep the servo rock-steady in the car.  At a suggested retail of $12.99. the X Factory mounts sell for less than others.
We asked Chazz why the mounts are black.  “When I was choosing a tuxedo for our wedding, my wife said, ‘Real men wear black.’  Ever since, when I want to look sharp, it’s black.”
The new #1241 servo mounts ere shipped to dealers world-wide on Dec 18, so they will be available at fine hobby stores before Christmas.  For fastest delivery and best service, see your nearby X Factory Dealer.  Also available on