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Academy GV2 Pro

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Ouverture Forum Academy GV2 Pro

Model Rectifier Corporation is truly excited to announce the release of (what has been called) the definitive 1/10 scale, 2WD dirt track buggy. Loaded with a combination of pro-level features not found in any other buggy, at any price, Academy’s new GV2 Pro has all the potential to top the podium lists, race after race. With input from some of the world’s best dirt track drivers, the GV2 Pro was designed to eat the competition, in strength, adjustability for any track condition, and overall track performance… at an unbelievably competitive price.

These features and more are standard on Academy’s GV2 Pro:
# Threaded shocks with bladders that can be “flipped”for a more conventional emulsion type shock feel
# No e-clips (captured hingepins)
# 27.5° kick-up & matching 27.5° bellcrank
# Choice of Rack or traditional style bellcrank
# Vertical ball studs on the front and rear bulkheads
# Multi Length Pivot (MLP) on the hub carrier & Front & rear arms... select long or short suspensions
# Chunky CVA drives make the rear suspension “bind free” throughout suspension travel
# Included front & rear axles will accept Academy and most other ASE rims
# Aluminum pivot ball rear hinge pin support reduces suspension travel binding
# Steel outdrives with over-sized rings, help ensure a longer lasting diff
# Gear cover is virtually air tight & gear cover plug is tethered
# Front bulkhead and shock tower are keyed and screwed together
# Front hingepin block has replaceable teflon sleeves
# Front Hingepin block is keyed into the upper & lower bulkhead
# Minimum chassis surface scrub less speed
# Clear Polycarbonate body/wing & beautiful decal set



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