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Xray XII Link Version

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Depuis un moment annoncé sur le forum d'Xray, voici le dernier chassis d'Xray en 12 - la XII Link Version qui s'adapte aux formats des Lipo 1S et qui s'inscrit dans l'arhitecture des Asso. R5 ou CRC XL.

http://www.teamxray.com/teamxray/m_intr ... 109f5296c3" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


Descriptif selon Red RC :

Just over a year after entering the 1:12 market, Xray have introduced the now-industry-standard linkage rear end to their XII chassis. The XII Link now follows current rules and trends in allowing the use of either NiMH or LiPo battery technology with no ill-effects to handling or balance. The XII Link was designed and tested on club tracks around the world to perform on any surface under any conditions. Whether soaking up bumps on a rough asphalt club track or slicing through the infield of a super-smooth carpet track, the XII Link does it with ease and versatility. The XRAY XII Link achieves a state of perfection by focusing on well thought-out refinements to create a car that is easy to drive, work on, and adjust. Top-quality materials such as self-developed composite mixtures, HUDY Spring Steelâ„¢, premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, and highest-grade graphite are XRAY signatures and the XII has them in abundance.

Main features:

• All-new pivot-ball link rear suspension that allows for independent adjustments of chassis roll, bump and alignment
• All-new XII platform specially designed and optimized to fit LiPO batteries and brushless motors
• XRAY 1/12 pan-car with authentic 100% self-developed XRAY parts, designed and manufactured parts by XRAY in Europe
• Legendary XRAY premium design, workmanship & material quality and unmatched attention to the finest details
• Simple yet effective and proven design, well thought-out details, unmatched precision of all small details
• High-competition design with focus on ultra-low weight, resulting in super-lightweight construction
• Optimized for indoor carpet racing as well as outdoor asphalt racing
• Prolonged wheelbase for improved stability
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Re: Xray XII Link Version

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Une petite question aux possesseurs de cette voiture. Vous utilisez quoi comme servo de direction.
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